The 14th International Adenovirus Meeting will be hold in a fully online mode

Dear 14th IAM participants, invited speakers, committee members, sponsors,

In view of the persisting uncertainty regarding people gatherings and travel for the next months, and to facilitate time planning for all attendants, the 14th IAM organizing committee has decided to hold the meeting in the planned dates (May 18 to 21, 2021) in a fully online mode.

All attendants initially registered for 2020 will be considered registered for the 2021 online meeting, and will receive a refund for the fee difference. We will have further details in a few weeks, when we will also open up the call for participation to new attendees. We will also do our best to work out a meeting schedule that takes into account the different time zones. With best regards, The 14th IAM organizing committee

The 14th IAM organizing committee


Adenoviruses are associated with gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis, respiratory and urinary tract infections which in general have low clinical relevance. However, they can cause severe pathologies, even life-threatening, in immunosuppressed individuals. There is no efficient treatment for adenovirus infections approved so far.
Adenoviruses can also produce serious disease in poultry and other domestic animals, resulting in economic losses. Remarkably, adenoviruses are also the most widely used vectors in the clinical gene therapy field.

Many groups are working to modify the natural properties of adenoviruses and turn them into tools for vaccination, gene transfer, or oncolysis.
The International Adenovirus Meeting is the gathering point for scientists interested in all aspects of adenovirus infection. Worldwide experts share their ideas and latest results on adenovirus detection in nature; their clinical impact; their uses in virotherapies; assembly of the infectious particle; and interaction with the host. The meeting occurred sporadically in the first years since its beginning in 1976, and is now celebrated every two years. The most recent locations were Dobogókö (Hungary, 2009), Umeå (Sweden, 2012), San Diego (California, 2014), Barsinghausen (Germany, 2016), and Cuernavaca (Mexico, 2018).
We invite you to participate in the 14th International Adenovirus Meeting, which will take place in Toledo, Spain, from May 18th to May 22nd 2021. This historic city was at a time a melting pot of three cultures, and will welcome us with a great environment and exciting science.

On behalf of the organizing committee,
Carmen San Martín
Group Leader at CNB-CSIC
Coordinator of the Spanish Adenovirus Network (AdenoNet)